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Limon Software

The DEPHOS Group was founded as a software development business in 2000, building the point cloud processing tools that have now become integrated into the LiMON software package. LiMON software gives a clear workflow for teams to work with the point cloud data collected from the surveys. LiMON Viewer can visualize LiDAR data and manipulate even large point cloud data sets with ease. The software integrates with raster, vector, WMS data as well as with images and videos taken using mobile platforms. LiMON Editors is the perfect tool to work on point clouds. It allows for automatic and manual classification of LiDAR data as well as generation of cross-sections (tunnels, roads etc.). Surface models can be created with ease.

The experience in point cloud processing and grounding in professional software development practices is what has led to the development of DEPHOS Group’ other solutions. These include the fully automated data capture, processing and delivery software that underpins the Revoscan close-range photogrammetric solution and the controller software that tightly integrates LiDAR, digital cameras and inertial navigation systems on the ADRAM ultralight aerial mapping solution

Dephos Group

Established in 2000, DEPHOS Group Ltd has consistently been at the forefront of photogrammetric mapping and 3D data acquisition. With core expertise in photogrammetry, laser scanning and geodesy this is the full-service geomatics firm DEPHOS Group utilize airborne and terrestrial based data collection methods to deliver a range of 3D modelled or cartographic data products for use in CAD and GIS systems. Resulting from continued success in its software and hardware development programs, together with its reputation in the acquisition of 3D data.

The DEPHOS Group has almost 2 decades of experience in project range from those at a national level, such as mapping the coastal zone along Poland’s Baltic Sea shoreline or the development of a web-based e-information system for the City of Zabrze and international like the Survey and Documentation of Atturaif Heritage site in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.