What is manual classification

Manual Classification means to do manual labeling of the point cloud data. There are two manual processes involved here: manual labeling and manual initialization.

Why manual classification?

The conventional way is automated classification. The manual process is mostly required when there are errors in the automated one, or due to some special cases that can’t be resolved using automatics methods. Manual classification plays an important role in Cloud understanding . It also helps for easy access to outlier regions for further analysis.

What is point cloud software

Point Cloud Software is used to analyze point cloud data. Point clouds are produced by several manual (laser scanning) and automatic (three dimensional cameras, stereo image pairs) devices. Now days, the manual methods are more preferable because of its low cost and accuracy over the automated ones.

What is point cloud?

A point cloud is a set of data points in some coordinate system (x,y,z). The term typically refers to raster or vector data collected from an optical scanner or LIDAR with a laser beam as a light source. In reality it’s all just three dimensional dataset containing samples inside each unit cell with coordinates for each sample, encoded as Red Green Blue color intensity values at each location. With manual

What is Classification

The manual process of assigning class or category to a point cloud data is called manual classification. It is the first and foremost step in manual exploration and analysis of point clouds.

It consists of two stages: manual labeling and manual initialization.

What is manual labeling?

The manual process for labelling image pixels which are trivial to classify by visual inspection, but that cannot be classified automatically, often because there is insufficient training data for an appropriate classifier or because the complexity of such a task exceeds that practical with available resources (memory, CPU time, etc.). Manual Labeling involves click-based interactive marking of objects/regions on images using mouse pointer or touch screen device by selecting pixels from inside or outside object bounding box regions.