Limon Viewer

Limon Viewer is your advanced viewer for your 3D data

LiMON Viewer is an advanced viewer of 3D data derived from laser scanning. Knowing the need for this type of tool, we have created a software, that combined with spatial data, is perfect solution for urbanist, planners and architects.

  • Visualization of the point clouds and integration with raster, vector and WMS data.
  • Making point, lines and area measurements and creation/importing of vector markers.
  • Creating documents (display 3D data in any configuration, items dimensioning, adding descriptions).
  • Able to work on non-advanced PC class hardware.
Data display
  • Up to 4 views that fully support 3D display
  • Point cloud display modes: RGB, Intensity, Elevation, Classification, MIX, File color
Building and displaying 3D surfaces
  • Creating 3D surfaces based on point clouds
  • Displaying surfaces in Solid, RGB, Intensity, Elevation, Classification, Mix, File color modes
  • Displaying surfaces wireframe
  • Adjusting the detail render range of surfaces
Cross section
  • Cross section in selected view
  • Polyline cross section definition
  • Fixed width / length
  • Z scale factor
  • dynamic move
  • 3D distance
  • Area
Camera view
  • Camera origin (XYZ)
  • Camera direction (XYZ)
  • Focal length
Point cloud snapping
  • Snapping to the point cloud (on/ff)

Software Features

01. Main software interface

02. Settings

03. Defining the coordinate system

04. Point cloud loading

05. Recording/uploading/exporting

06. View management

07. Distance and surface measurements

08. Cross-section tool

09. Markers

10. LiMON Server support

11. WMS sources

12. Display mode

13. Display options

14. Functionality of clipping box

15. Camera definition

16. Manual classification procedure

17. Export and transformation of point cloud

18. Creating density map

19. Creating Document

20. Document tools

21. Hot keys assignment

22. 3D Models

23. Volume Calculation

23. Search plots with ULDK