How to use the iphone / iphone lidar

It’s a very simple process to use the Iphone / Ipad lidar. We have a few goals for the scan:

  • Do the scan correctly and get quality data
  • Export as a las file
  • View in our point cloud software

You might be thinking why not use the app to view the lidar point cloud, simply the point cloud software called Limon can do so much more. You can

2 – Here is what we are scanning. It’s a car…

1 – Download and Scaniverse on your mobile mobile and open up the app. And click the red button at the bottom to start scanning

3 – Start moving your phone around the car, all the red areas mean you need to scan that area. Don’t move too fast and you can move phone in all angles.

Keep looking at the screen, if the image is wrong (can be burry), go back over and rescan.

4 – Now you have finished scanning. You need to press the red button again and you will see 3 option to choose from. If you are interested for a 3D photo press the 3rd option. But we want a las file, so press the image option.

After it creates the 3D image, you will see it on the screen.

5 – Have a look and move the 3D image around, you might choose to rescan.

7 –

9 – Lets clean the image, you can crops the size and alter the brightness, contrast, etc.  I like to crop the image to look nicer.

10 – When you are finished press save and this screen will appear. You now need to visit the export file and press.

You now will see a list of option for export, press the Las File option. It will ask you where to save or send.

Now you have created the las file, export to your PC and bring up Limon Point Cloud software and drag your las file.

If you don´t have a copy of Limon, you can download a 2 week trial at