Lidar Point Cloud Viewer

Looking at a lidar point cloud can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the terminology. But with the right tools, it’s easy to get started.  Lidar Viewer – a 14 Days free tool that makes looking at lidar data easy and fun. With Limon Lidar Viewer, you can explore lidar point clouds in 3D and view detailed information about individual points. Best of all, it’s completely free for 13 days! So if you’re curious about what lidar data looks like or want to learn more about how it’s used, check out Lidar Viewer today.

Free Trial for 14 days

Free to download, no credit card. Click to download


Data display

  • Up to 4 views that fully support 3D display
  • Point cloud display modes: RGB, Intensity, Elevation, Classification, MIX, File color

Camera view

  • Camera origin (XYZ)
  • Camera direction (XYZ)
  • Focal length

Point cloud snapping

  • Snapping to the point cloud (on/off)
    Precision drawing in the profile view

Building and displaying 3D surfaces

  • Creating 3D surfaces based on point clouds
  • Displaying surfaces in Solid, RGB, Intensity, Elevation, Classification, Mix, File color modes
  • Displaying surfaces wireframe
  • Adjusting the detail render range of surfaces

Clipping box

  • Clipping box definition in view
  • Clipping planes definition by values
  • Dynamic move

Cross section

  • Cross section in selected view
  • Polyline cross section definition
  • Fixed width / length
  • Z scale factor
  • Dynamic move


  • 3D distance
  • Area
  • Volume

Raster data

  • JP2, J2K
  • ECW