Limon Point Cloud Viewer – Cheaper for all you needs

The Limon Point Cloud laz file viewersoftware, is very cheap and it can be used to view files in the laz format. This can be a very useful tool for people who need to view point clouds quickly and easily.

Key features of the Limon Point Cloud Viewer Pro:

  • Point Cloud support
  • Raster data
  • WMS support
  • Point Cloud display modes
  • Building and displaying 3D surfaces
  • Displaying 3D models
  • View modes
  • Classes
  • Display options
  • Camera definition
  • Clipping box
  • Point clouds transformation
  • Profiles
  • Point cloud snapping
  • Density map
  • Document creating module
  • Cooperation with LiMON Server
  • Keyboard shortcuts

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