What is new?

LiMON 4.0.1540


  • Added volume measurement functions (measurement tools and documents)
  • Modified the license manager interface
  • Fixed an issue with the color of points in some point clouds


  • Added an option to turn on/off cross section bounding box
  • Fixed problems with adding 3D models


  • The Cross section function has been split into Cross section and Symmetric cross section
  • Defining camera for cross section was improved
  • Additional lines were added to Cross section functions to make it more precise
  • Auto orient Z option was added to Cross section manager
  • Added the ability to move the camera to cross section and document functions
  • Added Multi length function (horizontal and vertical) to Document tools
  • Modified document properties
  • Added option to hide unit of measurement to document items property inspector
  • Added option to switch source of points (print/view) to document property inspector
  • Added option of auto removing items when document is removed
  • Fixed ESC button for document functions
  • Added View tools
  • Added the function of matching the camera to the line
  • Fixed problem with incorrect overwriting of image files


  • Fixed problem with loading .xyz files
  • Improved Document functions
  • Added Precision drawing function for distance and area measurement


  • New Precision drawing function added
  • Added the option to insert markers by manually entering coordinates
  • Added the ability to change the position of the marker name (group properties)
  • Server connection window has been fixed
  • Added the ability to change the color of the cursor
  • Added the function of camera rotation around the Z axis (Alt + LMB)
  • Added a new function of camera rotation around the X or Y axis (CTRL + Shift + LMB)
  • Added the ability to change the camera control (Revit style) in Settings
  • Added a button to save editing of the currently selected cloud (editing toolbar)
  • Added the function to measure the area in the document
  • Added the option of saving and reading documents (Project Manager->Document and RMB)
  • The dimensional and auxiliary lines of the document were separated

LiMON 4.0.1495


  • Added support for .stl files
  • Added a link to the contact form in Help
  • Fixed problem with .pts files


  • Changed filtering in Choose Coordinate System


  • Improved WMS
  • Fixed problem with disappearing point cloud